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Clean a Dishwasher in Few Simple Steps, Avoid Build-up

how to clean a dishwasher

Your dishwasher takes care of all the dirty utensils you have accumulated over the week.

It takes the responsibility of removing the stains from your utensils and make them ready for the next use. But here is the sad part. 

Your dishwater, unfortunately, does not have this ability to clean itself. Gradually the grease, small chunks of food, and the undissolved detergent gets accumulated on your dishwasher’s filter and lead to bad odor and damage to the machine.

Well, there is nothing to worry about because this situation can be avoided. In this article, I have focused on some easy and simple tips that I am doing for the past couple of years to keep my dishwasher squeaky clean.

Here are some simple tips which can help you to clean a dishwasher: 

First and foremost – Removing the chunks of food 

You have aimed to clean your dishwasher and for that, you need to make a daily habit. After having your meals, it is important that you remove the bits and chunks of food after each dishwashing cycle. 

You can check if there remained any leftover food by simply pulling out the bottom rack. If you find any leftover food, then remove it using a tissue paper or a paper towel and this will prevent the build-up of foul smell. Remember that you must do this daily for the best results. 

Wiping off any residue 

This must be made a weekly habit and this step is crucial when it comes to keeping your dishwasher clean. There can be residue and the annoying spots found in the interior surface of your dishwasher which can damage your machine in a bad way. 

Check out for the residue settlement on the door handles, door edges, and dishwasher controls and buttons. Take a damp piece of cloth or a clean sponge and wipe off the residue and those splashed spots. Continue rehearsing this drill weekly and your dishwasher will remain healthy and efficient. 

Clean the dishwasher drain trap 

The modern dishwashers are quite efficient and are equipped with sensory equipment that can detect the presence of water on your dishes. We often do not fully rinse our dishes before loading them into the dishwashers. 

The machine’s internal sensor assumes that the dishes inputted are clean and thus it runs a shorter washing cycle. The large chunks of food as a result get clogged in the dishwasher drain trap and this becomes a problem later. To avoid this problem, always check for food chunks and rinse them properly. 

Dissembling and rinsing the filter 

Your dishwasher is doing the work of cleaning your dishes and guess what, the filter plays an important role in the process. In simple words, if your dishwasher filter is not clean enough, then your dishes will not be fully clean. 

You can avoid such a problem by just following a simple step. Just unlock and disassemble the filter underneath the bottom spray arm. Under hot running water, rinse the filter properly.

Arrange a soft-bristled toothbrush and scrub the plastic frame and mesh screen properly. After cleaning, put the filter back to its place and adhere to the instructions manual if any doubts arise. Make it a weekly habit for the best results. 

Go for deep cleaning of the Dishwasher

Heard of a monthly deep cleaning practice? Yes, it is time to implement the practice in your household. There can be trapped particles, detergent leftover, and mineral building in the dishwasher with time and these elements are the reason for the damage. 

Apart from the dishwasher cleaning tablet and the do it yourself method, there is a homemade method that can highly benefit you in the deep cleaning process: 

  1. You need to place a glass measuring cup. 
  2. Fill it with two cups of distilled white vinegar on the topmost rack. 
  3. Then run and normal cycle and this should take place without the presence of any detergent. 
  4. Now go for the deep cleaning segment. Use cleaning tablets because they contain surfactants that have the power to dissolve those unwanted food chunks and residue. 

For best results, make this a monthly practice and your dishwasher will thank you for this act. 

Polishing the Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel appliances need to be cleaned as well. The daily usage of the machines often leaves a dull and unwanted film of dirt over the stainless steel surfaces and it is important to clean the stainless steel surfaces as well. 

Well, that is not a problem anymore because you can use stainless steel cleaners like this popular one from Amazon and cleansers to brighten up your dishwasher machine door. These cleansers contain materials that repel the dirt and greasy substances and make cleaning an easier task. Practice this step whenever you notice a dullness of the steel surfaces and repeat as required. 

Bottom Line:

The article sums up the major tips and tricks related to dishwasher cleaning processes. Make sure you rehearse them as mentioned and always follow the instructions manual provided by the dishwasher company. It is important to maintain the health of your machine and these steps can prove effective in the long run. 

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