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Does the Washing Machine Use Hot Water?

Washing machines have evolved a lot in the last few decades.

Earlier they come with manual water input and output which was hectic and time-consuming.

But now the advanced models are automatic.

You just need to push some buttons – set the machine in the desired format. That’s it.

It will start working and in some minutes you will get full or half-dried laundry depending on your machine.

The latest washing machine models can work well both in cold and hot water.

If your question is whether the washing machine uses hot water, then yes it does.

However, using hot water in a washing machine is not mandatory. Coldwater can be used as well. The washing machine does not require hot water to function successfully rather it is an option. You might want to opt for it or not. Below, I have shown some pictures of my washing machine to help you understand the hot water function.

Here’s how a washing machine works with hot, warm, and cold water…

does a washing machine need cold water

In earlier times washing machines used to come in a top load design only but after the introduction of front-load designs, things have changed. Front-loading machines comes with one slot and they have an inbuilt water heater. They use cold water as an input but top-loading machines sometimes come with 2 slots, one for cold water and one for hot water.

Washing machines can work in both kinds of water and nowadays they come with an option to choose water temperature as well. Some washing machines heat up water by themselves and some required hot water intake separately. It is all up to you and your preference whether to use hot water or not and also whether to get a washing machine with an inbuilt water heater.

The latest washing machine models need a normal water inlet, an electric point, and an outlet for the dirty water to drain out. This is a washing machine with an inbuilt heater.

dishwasher works with cold and hot water

I keep the water inlet on all the time. When using the machine, I simply switch it on, then open the door, put laundry inside, and detergent in the detergent slot. After that, it is time to select the type of program.

When you turn the program button clockwise it highlights which type of laundry you have inside the machine. If you have cotton inside then keep the dial in ‘Cotton’ and now look at the wash mode.

washing machine needs cold and hot water

I have selected the warm option by clicking it once. You can do the same for hot. If you want to wash them in cold water then click the highlighted button and your machine will run with cold water.

Below, I am running the washing machine in woolens. Look how none of the wash modes are selected hence the machine will clean my woolens in cold water. Clearly, it is up to you, what you select.

washing machine works both on hot and cold water

The washing machines which come with an inbuilt heater like this will heat the water by themselves. And trust me this is the most convenient option, obviously, if you don’t have a central water heating system at home. In many cold places where temperatures drop significantly, a water heating system is mandatory. And if your inlet can supply hot water into the machine, then there is no need to spend money on a washing machine with an inbuilt heater.

It will cost you more to heat the water by a washing machine where the temperature of the water is really low. However, there is a bigger point in all of this. I have compared cleaning with hot, warm and cold water. Hot and warm water always yield the best cleaning result.

I am not saying cold water doesn’t clean well. Hot and warm water can ruin your woolens. So cleaning them in cold water is the only option. And washing machine does that with great efficiency. So, my recommendation will be to select a better performing machine with good rpm. This will make up for the hot and warm water function.

In short: How will the machine use hot water?

In washing machines there are two types of designs available in the market. Older machines used to have two different hose for cold water and hot water but modern designs has eliminated this feature. They come with a single hose for water intake and machine will heat up water by itself with thermostat and water heater element. Be it front load or top load both kind of machines nowadays comes with this feature and it has been a great invention. Your machine will take water from your normal water connection and if you have selected hot water wash option then it will heat up the water as per the required temperature and clothes.

What’s the difference between using cold water and hot water?

Hot water is the best option when you are washing dirty clothes, stubborn stains, bedsheets, blankets, or you want to sanitize your clothes, remove germs and dirt altogether. Hot water has the ability to perform deep cleaning.

Coldwater will also give you satisfactory performance but it cant sanitize, remove germs and strong stains easily. Coldwater is highly preferable when it comes to providing gentle and effective wash for clothes. It can protect the fabric from color leakage, shrinkage, and wrinkling. As per your use and as per your requirement you can decide what to choose because both are the best options for their respective purposes.

How much will it cost for a hot water machine?

Washing machines come with a variety of designs and a number of advanced features to make your life easier and simpler. The price of the washing machine depends on multiple factors such as the brand, loading design, loading capacity, hot water feature, energy-saving capacity, etc. if you are wondering about the cost on the basis of water heating feature then yes, machines without hot water element are cheaper than machines with the hot water element.

Washing machines with hot water features are expensive because they come with a boiler inbuilt. They are also expensive to use because they will consume extra energy for heating the water unless your machine is energy star rated. These machines can cause more maintenance expenses than the machines with cold water only. So even if you are getting both at the same price, energy consumption and maintenance costs will be more because of the hot water element.


There is a contradictory belief about using hot water and cold water for washing clothes. Cold water is very much suitable for daily use and for normal washing. Even though hot water is required for better cleaning and sanitization, cold water is highly recommended when you are washing clothes that can leak colors, clothes that are expensive and new, avoid shrinkage of clothes, when there is clear guidance on the label that says wash in cold water only.

Regardless of your location and temperature washing your clothes in a cold water prevents you from many kind of risks associated with color, fabric, quality and cleanliness.

Hot water has been in use for cleaning and sanitizing for centuries and it can not be neglected easily. Washing machines can function well in cold water as well and many clothes are suggested to wash in cold water only but to provide better performance companies are producing hot water machines as well from many years. These machines can heat up water by themselves or you can connect your hot water connection as well. whatever you find feasible, but a majority of people prefer using machines with inbuilt water heater elements only.

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