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Hi, I am Priyanka Bose, the owner of Dishwashing Pro and this is my story.

priyanka - owner of dishwashing pro
(This is not how I look like but similar. Just a stock image. P.s: I am too shy.)

I am a normal person, not a big writer or influencer or something. I am struggling to fit myself into this ever-changing and advancing world. I often feel like, I am not learning enough or keeping up with things. It mainly started with kitchen technologies.

When I started this blog, I was troubled with the latest technologies that come with our household and kitchen products. I did not know what purpose a risne aid serves or if a dishwasher needs to have a water softener or not. I didn’t know how to operate a washing machine without hot water.

All these problems needed to be fixed and not a single blog was solving them. So I thought of starting a blog to answer some of the simple yet frustrating queries and problems. This is how Dishwashing pro came into being. I am happy with how the blog has turned out to be.

In Short: This blog is dedicated to those home makers who often face problems understanding their home equipment or products properly. We end up with wrong, incompatible, unsafe purchases if we don’t do our research before. Also, after investing in a product we face issues in using them. Make sure to read the articles in Buying and Using Guide to solve some popular queries.

Have a great day!

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